About Me

 No Matter Your Struggle, Change is Always Possible.

About Tee

After enduring two tumultuous marriages and grappling with addictions for many years, I emerged stronger and wiser from the experience. I’ve walked the path of despair, felt the grip of depression, flirted with suicidal thoughts, wrestled with self-doubt, and experienced crushing loneliness and desperation.

Today, I stand as a more balanced and happier version of myself, experiencing true peace of mind. I no longer seek refuge in alcohol, drugs, or damaged relationships, but I express my authentic self without hiding behind addictions and dysfunction.

My journey led me to The Natural Energies College, where I received my training in Holistic Counselling. While this remains my primary focus, I have also acquired a wealth of tools and techniques from diverse disciplines, including Hypnotherapy, Past Life and Between-Life Regression Training, and Reiki 2.

As Holistic beings, our well-being is deeply intertwined with our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual facets, as well as our immediate environment. Addressing these aspects holistically is essential for overcoming addiction, healing trauma, fostering stable relationships, and managing anger.

My role? I listen, guide, and equip you with the tools you need on your journey. Your role? Commit to your success.
Nothing inspires me more than witnessing clients transform their lives and negative self-perceptions into personal success narratives.

I provide a range of Holistic Counselling services, from phone or online chat, ‘tool bag requests’, to in-person and online counselling sessions.

If you’re ready to commit to achieving your goals, you have already taken your first step.

With commitment, you WILL see remarkable results!

As Mark Twain wisely said, ‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’

Take the first step towards your brighter future today!
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What My Clients Say

I just wanted to let you know it’s been 10 months now that I haven’t gambled. You made such an impact on my life, and you will never be forgotten


I was given the opportunity to participate in a university assignment for Tee in her Holistic studies and the timing could not have come at a better time.

From the moment I described the issues I was dealing with Tee seemed to understand and prepare a seven week plan to help and assist me with my mindset and my energy levels.

She was professional and extremely organised, with a detailed plan every week and homework for me to complete to help me understand and move through my issues.

I now understand how our thoughts and energy can create our perception of the world and how we can change that. She is amazing with her guidance and how she handles the issues at hand.


Extremely caring and thoughtful Tee prepared a Feng Shui manual to change the energy levels in my home which I am incorporating.

For anyone who requires mindset and energy level transformation I highly recommend that you call Tee as her Holistic approach is just life changing.. She is truly amazing!