What Is Holistic Counselling?

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness and Transformation.

Why Holistic Counselling?

Holistic Counselling is a gentle, unique and adaptable approach that doesn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all mentality. It encompasses the totality of your being – body, mind, spirit, emotional landscape, and external circumstances, recognising the interconnectedness of all these elements that define you.

This method allows for a deep dive into the issues that individuals from diverse backgrounds face, seeking to find the root cause rather than only treating the symptoms. This journey of discovery is a collaborative one, paving the way for a graceful release, reduction of stress, creation of peace, happiness and fulfilling relationships, all while embarking on your personal journey of self-discovery.


Holistic Counselling
Embark on a transformative journey with Holistic Counselling. Find balance, healing, and authentic self-expression. Take the first step towards your brighter future today!

With Holistic Counselling, you can anticipate an enhancement in health, well-being, joy, fulfillment, and tranquility throughout all aspects of your life.

This approach offers coping mechanisms and transitions you from a state of feeling trapped to one of control, all with compassion and support.

This process is both transformative and empowering.

YOU are the architect of the changes you wish to implement in your life.

The sense of empowerment, joy, and relief gained through this journey is absolutely mind blowing!

What will you gain from Holistic Counselling?

Seek Holistic Counselling for:

What My Clients Say

Read my testimonials and be inspired by their success stories and personal growth.

I can honestly say Tee saved my sanity and possibly my life, as I was heading to a very dark place.

I had seen many counsellors/therapists and psychiatrists in the past. No one influenced me as much as Tee. Forget the rest and go to the best. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed


I was given the opportunity to participate in a university assignment for Tee in her Holistic studies and the timing could not have come at a better time.

From the moment I described the issues I was dealing with Tee seemed to understand and prepare a seven week plan to help and assist me with my mindset and my energy levels.

She was professional and extremely organised, with a detailed plan every week and homework for me to complete to help me understand and move through my issues.

I now understand how our thoughts and energy can create our perception of the world and how we can change that. She is amazing with her guidance and how she handles the issues at hand.


Extremely caring and thoughtful Tee prepared a Feng Shui manual to change the energy levels in my home which I am incorporating.

For anyone who requires mindset and energy level transformation I highly recommend that you call Tee as her Holistic approach is just life changing.. She is truly amazing!